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Engineering Services

From concept to final design and all the steps inbetween Cardinal Scientific can do it all.

Art to Part


Cardinal Scientific can take any idea and see it through Design, Analysis, Documentation, and Production, all under one roof. Our unique marriage of design and manufacturing gives us the breadth of knowledge to finish projects quickly and cost effectively. We specialize in expediting our customers' needs with our rapid turnaround production.

Finite Element Analysis


Using the latest software we can verify your design long before any metal is cut. We can preform:

  • Static Stress Analysis

  • Dynamic Stress Analysis

  • Steady State Heat Transfer

  • Transient Heat Transfer

  • Vibration Analysis


Engineering Design


At CSI, the appropriate application of the latest technology yields innovative, practical, real-world solutions to real-world problems. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is not just a buzz word: it’s our way of life. With manufacturing operations under the same roof, our designers and engineers are intimately familiar with manufacturing intricacies that can positively impact efficient, cost-effective production.

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