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Custom cut coupons


1 week delivery for uncoated coupons

2 week delivery for coated coupons



  • Shape

  • Size

  • Substrate 

  • Finish

  • Thickness 


Previous work: 

  • Cold Rolled steel pre-treated with zinc phosphate coating B-952 with A P60 chrome rinse 


  • Chemical Agent Resistant Coating Mil-Dtl-64159 TY. II


  • Mil-PRF-24667C Type I Comp G Non-Skid Coating


  • Lexan MR10 with Margard II coating 


  • 17-PH stainless steel 


  • Polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE, Teflon


  • Anodized 


  • Silicone rubber AA59588, Class 3A, Grade 30



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