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The Black Out Box is an EMI shielding storage solution for cellphones and other electronic devices in sensitive security environments.


  • RoHS compliant TCS EMI Shielding Gasket provides broadband EMI/RFI shielding [80 dB H-Field (100kHz); 125 dB E-Field (10MHz), 100 dB P-Field (1GHz)]

  • Heavy-duty 0.125 inch 5052-H32 one-piece welded construction

  • Powder coat finish over chromate conversion coating treated aluminum

    • Avaiable in any color

  • Customizable closed cell polyethylene foam inserts available for organized storage

  • Turn-to-Open Draw Latches (with or without locking hasps)

  • Non-slip base


Let us build a Black Out Box to meet your needs




Black Out Box

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